» Product return

The products offered to you through the online store www.litchifoods.gr are known from well-known Scandinavian brands for their high quality and which we offer at the most favorable price possible. All the products you find in the web shop www.litchifoods.gr are carefully handled and transported well packed to you. However, regardless of our accuracy and without our own responsibility, there is a risk that a product may be damaged or defective. In accordance with the provisions of Article 4 par. 10 of Act No. 2.251 / 1994 (Government Gazette 191 A / 16 November 1994) in combination with the Joint Ministerial Decision (Υ.Υ.Α.Ζ1-891 / 30.8.2013), the consumer has the right to revoke remote purchases of a product within 14 (fourteen) ) calendar days from the day of reception. During this time you can only return the purchased products if they are in the same condition as they were received and provided they are accompanied by the necessary documents showing your purchase. The costs of return products by mail, courier or transport company to our business are not covered by us but are paid by the sender / customer in full.

It is noted that the responsibility for loss, damage or destruction of the product during the return transport lies with the customer until the product is received by us. Repayment of the refund amount to the returned product will be completed within five (5) days from the date of receipt of the receipt / purchase.

For information on how to return all or part of the order and the procedure to be followed, please call us at 2821086825 and / or by email to kristina@litchifoods.com. In addition, you have the right to return the products you purchased and request a refund of the amount you paid us:
A. All cases where there is a defect in the product.
B. In any case, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the product. Litchi Foods is also responsible for damages caused by the fact that the promised goods are not delivered or otherwise incorrect, and it is not a minor negligence. The product in question must be accompanied by original packaging and sales invoice. For all of the above cases, the returned product must be complete together with the packaging in which the product is stored.

You have the right to return the products you purchased from our online store and ask for a replacement:
A. In any case, where it is clear that we have delivered other products or substantially different from what you ordered.
B. In all cases where there is a defect in the product or other customary quality is missing.

In all cases, return and exchange are possible under the following conditions: 1. Contact the same or next working day our store at 2821086825 or by our email address kristina@litchifoods.com
2. If the product is replaced within fourteen (14) days with another or other equivalent, this shall be done within fourteen (14) days in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 10 of N.2251 / 1994. The product should not have been used.
3. The product is accompanied by all necessary documents showing the transaction ( delivery note, sales invoice).

How to return a product:
1. You should pack the product in a box so that it is well protected during transportation
2. Accompanying, in the package you send us a message with which way you want to solve the complaint, provided the product meets the return requirements.
3. The package must be sent with the same courier company from which you received your order.
4. The bank cost for the repayment shall be paid by the customer