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Payment method

You can pay your order as follows:

Online Payment

It's easy and smooth to pay by card. We cooperate with Eurobank.

Bank Deposit

Direct Deposit on Litchi Greece Greek Account: Once you have submitted your order to us, enter the specified amount to our company account and enter your name in the notification area. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send your order.

Our account number is:
EUROBANK, GREECE IBAN: GR9402601350000510201368932 ACCOUNT NUMBER 0026.0135.51.0201368932 BIC / SWIFT: ERBKGRAA

CHANIA BANK, GREECE IBAN: GR1006900090000000189515001


When paying, the order amount must be in your PayPal account. Deposit is made easy by entering your PayPal account. However, you cannot pay to us by linking your regular bank card to PayPal. This is according to new rules from PayPal that apply to Greece and new companies that joined.